Cube Yadkin Permit Requirements

Effective January 1, 2018 Updated SMP Permitting Fee Schedule

Recently, Cube Yadkin Generation LLC (Cube Yadkin) has received several inquiries about the increase in the Annual Private Facility Permit Renewal Fee. This annual fee was first established in 1999, and was set at $25. In 2003, this annual fee was raised to $30. There has been no increase in this fee, or any other Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) fees, since 2003. Cube Yadkin recently published an updated SMP Fee Schedule, which became effective January 1, 2018. The Annual Private Facility Permit Renewal Fee is now $65. This represents an increase of about $2 per year since 2003. The fee adjustment is necessary to cover the rising costs of administering the SMP permitting program. The updated SMP Fee Schedule is consistent with Article 409 of the FERC Project license, which allows Cube Yadkin to charge a reasonable fee to cover the costs of administering a permitting program.

On October 23, 2017 FERC approved certain modifications to the Yadkin Project Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). The modifications (1) increase flexibility in the design of private individual and shared piers; (2) allow private piers in subdivisions developed prior to May 1, 1987, with a 50-foot lot width; (3) reduce the minimum water depth at private piers and multi-use facilities from 8 feet to 6 feet; (4) permit boat lifts with supports resting on the reservoir bottom; (5) allow a sitting area within the 100-foot forested setback; (6) relax limitations on vegetation removal in the 100-foot forested setback to improve water views, among other things; and (7) remove voluntary guidelines for timbering operations because most of the measures are already contained in the forested setback requirement.  Cube Yadkin will begin accepting requests and applications under the approved modifications on November 1, 2017.

Updated versions of the Yadkin SMP Appendices E, F, and G are below.

Yadkin SMP Appendix E Private Recreation Facility Specifications

Yadkin SMP Appendix F Subdivision Access, Multi-use Facility, Industrial Procedures

Yadkin SMP Appendix G Shoreline Stewardship Policy

Shoreline Management Plan Applications:

Private Recreation Facility Application

Request for Eligibility Determination or On-Site Consultation

Application for Modification, Replacement or Repair of Private Recreation Facility

Application for Activity Permit for Shoreline Stabilization

Application for Activity Permit Reservoir and Shoreline Alteration (Excavation, Dredge, Fill)

Application for Activity Permit for Shoreline Cleanup, Vegetative Plantings, Vegetation Removal, and Minor Repair/Maintenance of Existing Shoreline Stabilization Measures

Application for Construction Permit for Private Irrigation System

Water Ski Course Permitting Procedures
Water Ski Slalom, Jump, and/or Trick Course Activity Permit Application

Guidance Documents:

Private Pier Lighting

Pontoon Boats

Multi-use Facility Insurance Requirements

How to Apply for a New Pier:

1. Review Appendix E Private Recreation Facility Specifications.

2. Complete the Application for Private Recreational Facility Permit.

3. Submit completed Application and Application Fee ($250) to Cube Hydro Carolinas.

Cube Yadkin will process complete applications in the order that they are received.