Posted 6/5/2024:

Water Safety Saturday on June 15, 2024, 11 am to 1 pm at the Badin Boat Launch! Free life vests for children ages infant to 13 years old.

More Water Safety Saturday Info Here!

Posted 4/17/2024:

Attention Permittees –  

Cube Yadkin Generation is aware of the errors printed in the annual permit renewals mailed to property owners April 2024. Cube Yadkin printed the 2024 annual permit renewals through a new accounting system this season and there were some mistakes in the annual renewals caused by an undetected data corruption error. 

If you have permitted structures not listed on the annual renewal, those permitted to the property are accurately listed on the original permit and stored in Cube Yadkin’s property database. Cube Yadkin is correcting these errors in the new accounting system. For those whose annual permit renewals list a pier permit and you have not been authorized to have a pier, please disregard. This was an error and does not authorize a new pier installation.  

If you wish to confirm your property’s permitted structures, please send an email to Karen Baldwin, Cube Yadkin Property Compliance Supervisor, at [email protected].  

Cube Yadkin continues to accept online payments through its website If you wish to go online and renew your permit electronically, you will need to have the following locational information available to enter for online renewal: permit number/license number, permittee/licensee name, address, city, state, zip, township, county, reservoir, subdivision, parcel number, lot number and tax map ID.  

If you choose to pay the annual renewal fee by check, checks must be written payable to the order of Cube Yadkin Generation, and the invoice number located on the top right of the permit renewals written in the check memo line. Check payments are now being sent to a bank lockbox for processing. The address is Helix North America I LLC, PO Box 70057, Newark, NJ 07101-3557. Your check payments will be applied to your Cube Yadkin permit renewal.  

The permit renewal term remains from May 1, 2024, through April 30, 2025. The renewed period listed on this season’s annual renewals (April 1, 2024, through March 31, 2025) is another error that is tied to when the invoices were generated from the new accounting system. 

Cube Yadkin apologizes for the concerns this has caused and appreciates your understanding.  

The intent of the new accounting system is to transition from mailing annual permit renewals to email going forward (starting in 2025).  Cube Yadkin encourages all permittees to return and/or scan and email the orange sheet that was included within this year’s permit renewal documents. The orange contact sheet corrects deficiencies and will provide accurate email information to Cube Yadkin. 

Cube Yadkin encourages all permittees to check the website for updates from related to the shoreline invoicing and renewal information going forward. 


The Yadkin Project has been an integral part of the fabric of central North Carolina since 1915. Residents and visitors alike have long enjoyed the many recreational opportunities and positive economic development spurred by the Yadkin Project.

Cube Carolinas is committed to partnering with the community to innovate and produce economic, environmental and social benefits for all living and working in the region.


For more information about how Cube Yadkin is cooperating with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and North Carolina State University to manage invasive aquatic plants in the Yadkin Project reservoirs and how you can help, please see the information sheet below:

Aquatic Weeds on the Yadkin Project Reservoirs