The Falls development is located in Stanly and Montgomery counties, North Carolina on the Yadkin River at river mile 234. Completed in 1919, the Falls development was the second of the Project developments to be built and is the most downstream of the four Yadkin Project developments. The Falls development consists of a dam, a gate controlled spillway, powerhouse and reservoir. Falls Reservoir has a normal full pool area of 204 acres and a drainage area of 4,190 square miles.

Hydrostation Facts

The powerhouse is located immediately downstream of the intake structure between the gate controlled spillway section and river abutment. The powerhouse contains one vertical Francis turbine unit, and two Allis Chalmers propeller type turbine units (connected directly to generators). Falls produces a long term average generation of 131,179 megawatt-hours of clean electricity per year, enough to power 12,613 homes.

Like Tuckertown, the Falls development is operated as a run-of-river facility.

Date Opened: 1919
Surface Area Acreage: 204 acres
Generating Capacity: 31.1 megawatts
NC Counties: Stanly, Montgomery