No marker, buoy, or navigational aid of any kind may be placed in the waters of North Carolina (including the Yadkin Project Reservoirs) without prior authorization from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, except when superseded by federal authority (see NCWRC link). To report violations of this law/rule and/or unsafe boating conditions, please contact the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Law Enforcement Division 1-800-662-7137.

Yadkin Project Operations Frequently Asked Questions

Weather Forecast for Badin, NC 28009

Lake Elevation Data

Cube Carolinas recognizes the importance of keeping lake residents and recreational users updated about current lake conditions. The information on this web site is designed to provide as much detail as possible about current lake levels, including hourly lake level measurements and a daily forecast.

Lake levels will fluctuate on a daily and seasonal basis due to weather conditions and electricity generation. The information contained on this web site is designed to provide accurate and timely information regarding current lake levels; however, this information is subject to change.


Flow Data

Cube Yadkin monitors flows from the High Rock and Narrows developments in accordance with the FERC-approved Yadkin Project Flow and Reservoir Elevation Monitoring Plan.  Discharge from each development is recorded every 6 minutes and is posted below:

Additional actual flow discharge data for the previous week is available at Yadkin Project System Flow.

Yadkin River Basin stream flow information is available from the following U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) stream gauges:

02111500 Reddies River at North Wilkesboro

02113850 Ararat River at Ararat

02115360 Yadkin River at Enon

02116500 Yadkin River at Yadkin College

02118000 South Yadkin River Mocksville

02118500 Hunting Creek near Harmony

02120780 Second Creek near Barber

021211500 Abbotts Creek at Lexington

0212414900 Mallard Creek below Stony Creek

02126000 Rocky River near Norwood

02128000 Little River near Star, NC